Nationwide Acceptance

Some collection agencies quite literally mail it in. They do the bare minimum effort with minimally trained staff and it shows. Nationwide Acceptance is different and proud of it. At Nationwide Acceptance we only employ experienced, bi-lingual professionals. They handle all the calls, we don't outsource our work. We take care of the whole collection process—from the initial FDCPA introductory letter to filing a lawsuit and everything in between. Give us a call today to learn more.

Your Full Service Collection Agency

Many collection agencies out-source their work or tack on fees for everything. Not at Nationwide Acceptance. We don't just send letters. We do the phone work. We don't just let you know we're working on it, we show detailed, customized reports that tell you exactly what you want to know. We can manage the whole process, from introductory letter all the way to lawsuit. Ready to begin collecting on overdue accounts? Contact us today.

Results and Experience

Our formula for success is simple: combine experienced, professional, bi-lingual collection agents with a willingness to go further than anyone else and you end up with more of your money. Call us today and start seeing the money, that others gave up on.or were simply unable to get the job done.

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For more information and medical invoice collection recommendations, please complete the form below. We reply to all inquiries within two business days of receipt. Your information is always safe and secure with Nationwide Acceptance.